High Horsepower Drag Race: 800hp GT-R vs 850hp Hellcat

There’s nothing like a huge HP rip on the strip; this GT-R vs Hellcat run doesn’t disappoint
The horsepower wars are ramping up between manufacturers but we love seeing individual tuners having their own bouts. There’s no doubt when we see the names of these car models that they will come in with high numbers. Whether you’re a conventional muscle car fan or a tuner addict, this GT-R vs Hellcat race is one to watch. Coming in at 800 and 850 horsepower respectively, we can respect the performance of each car down the tarmac.

The crowds that love each of these cars are definitely of different breeds. Some people say there’s no replacement for displacement while others start tuning from day one. However, when both of these cars have work put into them, we get to see huge showdowns like this.
The GT-R comes in with an impressive 800 horsepower thanks to some not so subtle tweaks to the 3.8L V6. An E85 setup is complimented by specialized exhaust and a custom intake system. It also gets the benefit that drag radials give on the quarter mile. With an AWD drivetrain, this is the car we would expect to see leaping off the starting line.
Meanwhile, the 6.2L V8 Hellcat made the leap from 707 horsepower to 850 with no small amount of wrench time. A custom pulley went into the car before it received its finishing touches of a full tune. There’s also a new cold air intake as well as a custom built exhaust in play here. Like the GT-R, drag radials make an appearance for when the Hellcat needs to tear down the quarter mile.
The sound of both cars firing up for their race is nothing but pure bliss for muscle and tuner lovers alike. When it comes down to the race itself, there are some surprising moments. Check out the full video below and let us know what you think in the comments section. Just don’t blink as these monsters approach the finish line because the margin between them is razor thin. It’s just too bad that driver reaction time at the start made the difference between winner and loser.

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