I’m sure that every single gear headed person in the world has taken a look at a speed limit and wished that it didn’t exist at one point or another. It’s not too often that we use language that definite and think that every single person in the world would agree, however, this is just one of those things that I feel like most of us are on the same page with. It would be nice to hop on the highway with no speed limit be able to really top out your vehicle, seeing what it’s able to do and maybe even getting to engage in a couple of speed contests while you’re at it without having to look over your shoulder for the law.

However, over here in reality, speed limits exist pretty much everywhere in the United States. While some might be higher than others in certain areas of the country, there’s not really too many places to really be able to crack open the throttle and see what your car has got without the threat of getting yourself into some hot water. If you think a little bit deeper about that, it might lead you to wonder where speed limits actually come from and how effective they are. Is a speed limit just an arbitrary number that some government official pulled out of the sky? If the speed limit was raised or lifted altogether, would it make very much of a difference in how accidents occur?
In the video below from the guys over at Donut Media, we get the entire rundown on where exactly speed limits come from and how they think that these limits could be made a little bit more accommodating for the people on the road. I know that, as people who have a need for speed, we tend to think that speed limit should always be higher or nonexistent but after watching this video, what are your thoughts on the way that speed limits interact with the way that we drive?

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