Illegal Street Racing In Los Angeles: 109 People Arrested In Castaic

Illegal Street Racing In Los Angeles: 109 People Arrested In Castaic

In a scenario straight out of The Fast and the Furious, 109 people were arrested in Castaic, Los Angeles for being at an illegal street racing event.

Remember those scenes from the first two street racing focused movies in the Fast and Furious franchise where racers and bystanders would scram to save their hides and cars from cops? Law enforcers can be a total killjoy for the attendees. But the law has to be enforced to ensure that the fun doesn’t translate into accidents, injuries and deaths. So when 109 people were arrested in Castaic, Los Angeles On Thursday night, don’t frown as the cops were doing their jobs.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office teamed up for the joint operation to shut down the illegal street racing in question. The event was referred to as “sideshow” in the circles of the drivers and spectators, and had been on the radar of the authorities for some time.

The illegal street racing event was being held at an industrial area in Castaic at night, after the complex was devoid of the thousands of workers who populate the place in the morning. According to the officials, the drivers indulged in performing donuts, drifting and burnouts, while the spectators which included minors were around.

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109 people were arrested as part of the operation and 17 of them were minors. Seven drivers have been booked and their souped-up cars have been impounded.

The officials from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said,

It isn’t just the reckless driving or racing that is illegal, as the onlookers discovered.

A momentary loss of control, which can happen all too easily, can have devastating consequences for both the drivers and spectators.

More than 100 spectators were also cited at the illegal speed event on June 29, 2017. (Credit: Santa Clarita Valley Station)

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