Jay Leno Drives David Lee’s Pagani Huayra

Artists and engineers are usually like oil and water. Some of the biggest battles in automotive history have been between styling and production, which is why Horacio Pagani left Lamborghini to build his own car. Titanium doesn’t like to play with composites because it likes to hang out with oxygen. But Mr. Pagani patented a way to infuse it into carbon fiber, and the result is Carbotanium. The wonder material is what the Huayra is made of, and his artisans bookmatch the entire body down the centerline. Jay Leno’s Garage is the best way to learn the history of exotic cars, so grab a snack and an Italian translator.

For the discerning collector, Pagani will update your car to the latest specifications and technology. The Tempesta Package was released last year with a healthy bump in power and performance. Pagani Miami recently installed the $181,000 package that includes new wheels, tires, suspension, exhaust and aggressive spoilers. Our friend David Lee likes to keep his collection on the cutting edge, and he explains the transformation in detail. Apparently, all you have to do is text Mr. Pagani to get the process started. One person in this building has his cell number, so if you want your Huayra to be more unique, our Publisher would be glad to make it happen. So stay with us for all your Pagani updates.