Kawasaki’s Ninja H2 is one of the most badass motorcycles on the planet, cranking out 200 horsepower in stock form and up to 270 with just a few minor bolt-ons and a little more boost from the factory centrifugal supercharger. With a top speed of 183 MPH in stock form and having hit speeds of 226 with those aforementioned modifications, the bike is a legitimate monster with the throttle pinned wide open.

This video shows what happens when things go well during a top-speed run, and what happens when things don’t go so well. First up, a standing mile pass aboard the H2 of YouTuber BOOSTEDH2. The first pass goes flawlessly, with a top speed of 219 MPH through the mile. The next pass seems to be going just as well when all hell breaks loose. It would seem the engine had enough wide-open-throttle time and decided to send a rod through the side of the block, which looks pretty amazing on camera at 180+ MPH! The rider does a great job of maintaining control despite there being oil and water now exiting the engine directly under the rear tire. After bringing the bike to a safe stop, he jumps off to survey the damage and shows us a nice close-up look at the hole in the engine.

Not to be discouraged, BOOSTEDH2 already has plans to rebuild the engine, and we don’t mean back to stock. With the bike already tickling the 220 MPH barrier, we can’t imagine what kind of speeds this thing will lay down with a modded bottom end. Hopefully, it will be a bit happier with some beefed up internals and live longer. We see this possibly being the fastest H2 in the world if it does hold together for a legit run at the record. Hopefully when he returns to action, he will bring along the camera and get it on video!

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