Lamborghini is no stranger to pushing the envelope, from their current lineup of brutally fast yet opulent supercars to their vision of what the super car of the future might be. The famed Italian automaker teamed up with an educational institution that is also known for pushing developmental boundaries and driving the world forward: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or as it’s known to most, MIT. Widely considered among the top universities in the world, MIT has a long and storied history of inventions and discoveries that have quite literally shaped the world in which we live.
The concept car collaboration produced the Terzo Millennio Concept, a design that’s both completely unique yet strikingly Lamborghini at the same time. Gone is the ubiquitous V12 powerplant, or any internal combustion engine at all for that matter. Instead of going with a single electric motor that drives the wheels, each wheel is mated to its very own electric motor. While this isn’t an entirely new approach to powering electric vehicles, it’s not something we’ve seen from any supercar manufacturer, at least as far as we have seen.
The styling is incredibly futuristic, but even today’s Lamborghini lineup looks like something from the future compared to almost every other car on the road, so that comes as little surprise. We would love to know more about the car and plan to dig into the details, even though it’s not meant to be a concept that’s intended for production, at least not as we see it today. Instead, it’s more about showing what could be and eventually maybe what we should expect to see in a couple of generations as electric cars evolve and the powertrains become more viable as legitimate options in supercars. I personally cannot wait to see what Lamborghini has in store for the future, and hopefully they’ll continue to include MIT in the evolution of the supercar.

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