While OnStar is a great asset that has helped many accident victims call for help after an accident, among many other services offered by the satellite concierge service offered in all new GM vehicles produced over the past decade and a half. With the push of a button, you can have an OnStar representative help you with pretty much anything you need, and if you call quickly enough they can usually track down and disable a stolen vehicle.

However, as technology has advanced, the system has has some new services that take place automatically if the car detects a number of anomalies that, under normal driving conditions, shouldn’t happen, such as a high g-reading on any of the countless sensors. You’ll notice I specifically said “normal driving conditions” and there’s a reason for that.
If you take a late model hotrod to the track on sticky tires and hit leave really hard, that can also register as a high-g impact on the sensors, especially if the car happens to go into tire shake, which will jar the crap out of any car. What happens when these sensors are triggered? The car automatically connects to OnStar, which is supposed to verbally try to contact the driver to check on their well being. However, if for whatever reason they are unable to connect with the driver in the car, they will send first responders to the vehicles position on GPS.
So, let’s just say you are at the drag strip and leave really hard in a fifth gen Camaro and shake the tires off the line. You either don’t hear OnStar trying to contact you or they are unable to connect to the car’s audio or whatever the reason, they can’t speak with you to find out if you have, in fact, been in a crash. A few minutes later, guess who will be rolling through the gates at the track? Just watch this video below and see exactly what happens, as it happened to this guy and his boosted Camaro at GALOT Motorsports Park!

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