While pranks might not be hot so much anymore in YouTube culture, at one point, they were the backbone of the site. In this one, we take a moment to throw it back a little bit to three or so years to the days when Roman Atwood was still regularly putting together pranks and good ones! When it comes to those pranks that relate to the car community, we can’t really say that he has done all that many but with this one, Roman uses that ability to think up crazy scenarios and uses it to his advantage to put together a street racing prank!

This might be the best one so far as far as we’re concerned. We watch as Roman and Vitaly put their best foot forward to prank some people into thinking they are street racing through the use of some creative means. With all of the great pranks that these guys have put out over the years, it’s hard for us to choose a favorite but this one definitely manages to hit close to home in the community that we all know so well. One thing you will notice is that it seems they found a pair cops that have a sense of humor in the LAPD who fell for it and pulled them over in the Ferrari as they projected racing sounds with a loudspeaker.

We would love to hear the cop’s side of the story once they hear the cars taking off. Did they take the time to look or simply react in the heat of the moment based on what they heard? Think about this next time you get pulled over, heck, this excuse might even work for you but…. we wouldn’t recommend that you head out there and try it in the real world!

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