The Liberty Walk Mustang Is Here, And It’s As Subtle As A Smack In The Face

The Liberty Walk Mustang Is Here, And It’s As Subtle As A Smack In The Face

Liberty Walk has made a name for itself with its outrageous body kits and customisation projects, and the new kits for the Ford Mustang are no exception

Liberty Walk isn’t a styling house noted for its subtlety and/or restraint. As the Japanese might say, its kits are a bit… banzai.

We’d been alerted to this new Mustang styling kit last month, and in those pictures the Mustang was no less bonkers for the fact that its Liberty Walk parts were unpainted. Painted or not, though, it’s not difficult to see what’s changed.

The car sits as low as a mole’s behind, with an almost caricature stance courtesy of major widening to the front and rear track, and distinctly unsubtle wheel arch extensions – although they’re not essential. There’s a ‘duck tail’ spoiler, which we like a lot, but about as much suspension travel as a Little Tikes Cosy Coupe. Should make a comfortable daily, then.

There are two full kits, called Works and Performance. The Works kit gets the wider track, wheel arch extensions and the ‘canard’ at the front, over and above the contents of the Performance kit. A canard, a word nicked from aviation, is a less common way of saying “it’s got an extra wing at the front, bruv.”

Otherwise the two kits share front, side and rear diffusers, plus the duck tail spoiler. It doesn’t come cheap, at $4960 for the cheaper kit (plus local duties and taxes, plus shipping), and $6800 for the Works box, again plus a chunk extra for your government. There’s a heavily vented bonnet as a $2380 option on top of the kit prices, and if you’d like the air suspension on the pictured show car, well, that’ll be a mere $7900 on top. Plus taxes, yada yada, you know the score.

The parts are all available individually, too, should you, oh, I don’t know, attempt to navigate a speed bump and find that your diffusers suddenly go AWOL…

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