LS3 vs Coyote Budget Shootout: The Winner Crowned

LS3 vs Coyote Budget Shootout: The Winner Crowned

As long as this two brand exiting, there’s always a arch rivalry between them. There so much going between Ford vs Chevy guys so it literally calls for shootout…

It’s been a long time coming but good things, as they say, come to those who wait. We know you’ve been chomping at the bit to see how these motors stack up against one another, and we’re finally ready to share the results from the Coyote dyno session of the LS3 vs Coyote Budget Shootout.

The conclusion you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! It’s time to put up or shut up with our $9,999 LS versus Coyote engine build shootout. Who will we crown the victor – the big cubic inch pushrod LS or the screamer DOHC Coyote?

Follow along the video below as guys at EngineLabs reveal the results and break down the power delivery across the curve for each of these rival engines, considering efficiency and packaging.

In our opinion both engines are amazing. Both are well engineered engines. But, at the end off the day, there is still no replacement for displacement…

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