If you ever needed proof of the adage “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” here it is. This video shows a guy doing quite possibly some of the most insanely dangerous driving we’ve ever seen, not because of his speed or lack of control, but because he was riding perched atop the window. He’s not even sitting in the seat as he rolls down I-20 in Newton County, Georgia at pretty high speeds in his Charger, swerving in and out of traffic with the cruise set as he reaches into the window to steer the car.

While he does managed to maintain control, we have to say riding like this is incredibly dangerous and should never be attempted. All it takes is the car shifting one direction a little harder than you expected and you could find yourself dumped out onto the ground. This causes the double issue of you tumbling down the road in the path of oncoming traffic while your car is now an out-of-control battering ram rolling down the interstate with no way of even slowing it down until it hits something – or somebody – else.

While the driver didn’t fall, he did manage to get himself on the police radar, and about a year later, has been arrested in his home of Dallas, Texas. Identified as Myron Hall, the 29 year old was arrested and charged with reckless driving. We aren’t sure how the police were able to positively identify Hall, but it seems they’ve gotten their man in this case. Hopefully Hall learns his lesson and doesn’t climb back out from behind the wheel while the car is still rolling down the interstate. Let’s leave that kind of thing to the professional stuntmen and stuntwomen. At least things ended well and without Hall hurting or killing a fellow motorist while trying to get his thrills on the Georga interstate.

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