I am absolutely astounded by this story, so much so that I’m going to research it tomorrow and see how, or I guess perhaps IF, it was resolved. I have no qualms with officers issuing “fix-it tickets” for burned out lights, broken lenses and busted windshields. Those things do happen and they are against the law, and I know at least here at home, once you’ve made the necessary repair or replaced the faulty bulb, the ticket is automatically thrown out once you take it to the courthouse and have an officer inspect it. That is, of course, if the officer goes to the effort to write the ticket at all, as many would rather not deal the the hassle and will just warn you to make the repairs.

This officer, however, was hearing no part of issuing a warning or letting this motorist off the hook for the broken windshield in his Subaru. While it is up to the officer’s discretion whether or not he writes the ticket or not, and he obviously can choose to do so, it seems incredibly petty to issue a ticket for a broken windshield while the driver is stopped in the parking lot of the windshield repair shop.
That’s right, folks. Nick Berlin had a 3:30 pm appointment at the windshield repair shop to fix his busted front glass. He was stopped by an officer as he was turning into the shop to have the broken windshield replaced, the citation reading 3:39 pm, showing just how close he was to not having to worry about this issue. However, Berlin would come up just short in his bid to get the repairs done before he got stopped.
Of course, the issuing officer and police department declined to comment, saying simply that it was up to the officer and his aforementioned discretion as to whether or not he has to follow through with issuing the citation. It seems a little petty to us for an officer to continue writing a ticket when the driver is mere feet from the facility that is about to repair his ride, but it’s not our decision to make.

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