McLaren 720S Totaled in Las Vegas Crash Looks Like a Failed Mars Landing

Some supercar crashes are spectacular because of the machines they involve, but this can hardly describe the McLaren 720S accident we’re here to show you. And that’s because this crash was extremely brutal, tearing up the mid-engined exotic.

The accident took place not too far from Las Vegas, with the Mohave Desert having claimed the British beast.
A left-hand corner saw the driver of the Macca losing control, with the 720S sliding across the road and ending up in the landscape. Judging by the fact that the machine has been reduced to a pile of metal and carbon fiber, high velocity was certainly involved. After all, the said McLaren was part of a Corsa Rally, an event that saw multiple supercar being hooned in the area.
As you’ll be able to notice in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, the 720 hp machine can easily be labeled as a wreck. And while the Monocage II carbon structure of the vehicle did its job well (more on that below), there are two particular aspects that drew out attention.
To be more precise, the passenger side A-pillar seems to have partially collapsed (can you imagine the kind of rollover action that led to this?), while the driver’s frontal airbag might not have deployed – you can see other airbags that have been put to use, though.
Nevertheless, things could’ve been much worse. For one thing, the reports mentioned in the video talk about the occupants having walked away with just minor injuries. Then there’s the trajectory of the car: as it slid across the desert, the McLaren 720S just missed a serious fall, which would’ve certainly made things worse.

P.S.: The piece of the video that covers the McLaren accident kicks off at the 16:40 point.
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