Misty Mountain Muscle! 1972 Plymouth Road Runner

Wearing a white hat, white interior, and Mist Green paint, this fancy Plymouth would have been perfect for Easter Sunday, or any pleasant drive on a sunny day. Currently located in Vernon, Vermont, this 1972 Plymouth Road Runner had begun the sad transformation back to the basic minerals from which it came. Ashes to ashes, rust to rust. Thanks to “AMXBrian” for spotting this mint green ground-pounder. Thankfully it’s up for sale here on craigslist in Vermont BEFORE becoming one with the Green Mountain State soil. Though the motor’s locked up, this fairly complete and solid-looking Plymouth could be yours for $7500.

Plymouth’s Road Runner answered the working man’s need for a potent budget muscle car, and the GTX usually satisfied the buyer looking for a high-optioned muscle machine. Therefore it’s ironic that the GTX became the “Road Runner GTX” for 1972, sort of like calling your car the “Basic Deluxe.” Luckily I’m guessing this Plymouth hasn’t spent every Vermont winter outdoors since 1972. Let’s hope seller and buyer come to terms and get this green machine on the road to recovery.
To my eye these monochrome interiors always looks classy. The bench seat and column shifter combination compliments the Road Runner’s low-budget theme. The seller holds a clean Massachusetts title, and perhaps the car’s merely stored in Vermont and the seller lives in Massachusetts. If not the seller might plan to “skip” the title, i.e. not register it in their name before re-selling the car, a practice that (according to my friends at the Virginia DMV) is illegal in all 50 states.
Lower compression ratios and the change from gross to net horsepower numbers sucked some real and paper horsepower from all engines for 1972. Along with these changes, Chrysler transformed the iconic 383 for 1972, producing this 400 cubic inch “B” block V8 making 190 HP, only 25 less than the available 440 cid “RB” block engine (thanks to allpar.com for some details). Sadly this engine is locked from years of inactivity. Aside from the rusted-out battery tray area things don’t look bad here for an early ’70s muscle car partially sunk in New England muck. The car has power disc brakes, and the seller claims the odometer never exceeded the 76,370 miles shown. Though perhaps not the generation most people picture when they hear “Road Runner,” this body (in Dodge Charger form) did well for “King” Richard Petty who drove them from 1971 through 1974 and in fact they made Popular Mechanics’ list of Daytona’s Top Ten NASCAR Stock Cars.
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