Dodge has taken on a welcome new persona as one of the big-time players in straight line performance among the Big 3 domestic automakers. While Chevy’s Camaro and Corvette and Ford’s Mustang seem to focus as much on curves as they do acceleration, Dodge seems to be laser focus on building cars that handle well, but really shine on the drag strip. With the reintroduction of the legendary Hemi powerplant, the Detroit-based manufacturer recentered its focus on fun and the consumers certainly seem to have responded. I know I see a lot of Chargers and Challengers on the roads around town and wherever my travels take me.

The Hemi is known for responding well to modifications, and this nitrous-huffing 440 Hemi-powered Charger is a perfect example of what one can do with a little giggle gas and a well thought out plan for modifying one of these rides for quarter-mile duty. The 2007 model Charger has had some weight reduction done, rides on sticky slicks out back and is injected with a healthy 450 horsepower shot of nitrous that should bump the power level to around 1,000 if our guesstimator is properly calibrated. The owner took the car to Palm Beach International Raceway, a sea-level track known for extracting great numbers from cars thanks to the awesome atmospheric conditions, although it can be painfully hot during the summer.

Despite the sweltering temps, the car managed to break the nitrous-fed modern Hemi world record with a stellar 8.88 elapsed time at 151 MPH. Anchored by a stellar 1.25 sixty foot and a 5.64 eighth mile elapsed time, this. Charger really gets down on the bottom end and then strolls right on out the back door. Congrats to Dan for setting the world record in his wicked Charger. We seriously doubt he plans to stop there, so hopefully, we’ll see him back out there shooting for mid-8’s soon!

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