Should you find yourself in the garage, there are certainly no shortage of issues that you might find yourself running into. If you ask any mechanic who has been on the job for quite some time, they’ll probably tell you that it always seems like something new is popping up, giving you a challenge that you never really wanted to deal with in the first place but if you’re good at what you do, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to use your resourcefulness to put in motion what you have on hand in order to come through, showing your true colors and shining in a situation that looks like it has no end in sight.

This time, we check out a little bit of an old school mechanic trick that a lot of people might know but other people, well, they might have no idea that this is even a thing. As you know, if you’ve ever worked on any vehicle that’s a little bit older, bolts can definitely be something that you can struggle with as they tend to age and break, giving you all sorts of issues. If you end up messing up a bolt or coming across one that just has threads that no longer want to see the inside of a hole, there’s a quick fix to come up with some new hardware, even if you don’t have the exact correct bolt for the application.
If you check out the video below, you’ll be able to see how one mechanic decides that he can come up with a new bolt on the spot with just a grinder, a couple of nuts, and a bolt that has the right thread pattern but might just be a little bit too long. Sure, this might seem like something simple but if you can compile a whole collection of little handy tricks like this in your repertoire to pull out for various situations, you’ll certainly become a much more successful mechanic who gets the job done right in a fraction of the time.

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