Sometimes, it isn’t all about winning or losing but instead, it’s about the ride. In this one, we don’t really see any sort of rhyme or reason or any organization, for that matter, but it’s quite enjoyable to watch as a Yamaha R6 motorcycle goes to town with a whole pack of Hellcat badged Dodge vehicles. As the group makes their way out to the highway, we’re able to ride along as the guy behind the handlebars of the Yamaha straps up a GoPro and captures the scene in front of him, making the most of not only his own ride but the rides around him, soaking in the situation to the fullest.
This clip definitely has a lot to offer from the competition that this group of enthusiasts gets into when they take up all lanes and lay into the throttle, toying around with one another on the highway, spitting out not only a symphony of sound but also some sights to go along with it, giving you that feeling of competition as they rip their way around the highway, making sure that each and every machine does their best to keep up with their peers. There’s a certain sense of freedom that goes along with it all that you can’t help but pick up on as these cars mash their throttles and the drivers get that rush of adrenaline that’s tough to duplicate.
If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be taken along for the ride as this perspective from the motorcycle really gives you something to smile about. This isn’t necessarily something that we would recommend trying on your own but being able to watch it all unfold here is truly a joy that we wouldn’t miss out on. After you follow along in the video for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of this pairing of machines that we thought to be pretty irresistible. These Hellcats are really a force to be reckoned with and the R6 is no joke, either!

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