Parked in ’98! 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Reader James M. spotted this story here on Facebook inquiring about the potential value of a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 that may or may not be for sale. It is described as a numbers-matching two-owner barn find, parked in 1998. Comments ensued asking about the Z/28’s cowl-induction hood, with one reply stating that “Not all Z-28’s had the ZL2 ‘steel ducted cowl induction hood’… Some came with the flat hood like a standard Camaro.” Can you imagine stumbling upon this car gathering dust in your neighborhood?

As chronicled in the “brief history of the Z/28” at, Chevy built the Z/28 with SCCA Trans Am road racing in mind, and its 302 cubic inches (accomplished using a 327 block with a 283 crank) came in just under the 305 cid limit of the day. Chevy’s Z/28 Camaro duked it out with Ford’s Boss 302 Mustang, American Motor Corporation’s Javelin, and others on road-courses across the country, and the spoils of that war could be summed up as “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.”
With its original interior and believed original 75,855 miles, the pictures of this high-performance coupe suggest that few cosmetic updates will be necessary. No engine pictures were included, but assuming the original engine survives, its 302.4 cid made 290 HP on paper, but in fact produced more like 360 HP, 400 with the optional dual four-barrel carburetors. Other upgrades included front disc brakes, faster 24:1 steering, and heavy-duty suspension.
This potent two-door “ran when parked” in 1998, and the current owner’s father purchased it from the original owner in 1973. The original Facebook poster asked, based on the information given, what is the value (stated in probable ranges) a. in current condition, b. if it runs and drives, and c. if restored. I’m sure our expert readers will help him out with some useful comments below. Other than “Sell it to me for $1500,” what advice would you give if this Camaro turned up in your neighbor’s garage?

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