Rare And Mystical: 1971 Dodge Coronet Crestwood Wagon

Rare And Mystical: 1971 Dodge Coronet Crestwood Wagon

This 1971 Dodge Coronet Crestwood is 1 of 4 wagons ever built. Packing a 440 cubic inch V8 and a Pistol Grip 4 Speed, is there a better muscle wagon option out there that exists? Although previously restored, there are some minor issues that prevent this one from being a concourse winner. I am okay with that though, as this one needs to be enjoyed for sure.

Here is the magical heart this mythical beast. Packing a not so family friendly drivetrain, this wagon must be an absolute riot to drive! Overall the engine bay and engine are clean as one would expect from a restored car.

The engine features an upgraded Edelbrock carb and a set of ceramic coated headers flowing through a high flow exhaust. The engine and transmission were rebuilt in 2012, so the two likely haven’t amassed that many miles since then. Something else that is fantastic is the factory installed air conditioning, power brakes, and power steering. Can you imagine the person who picked this baby out? Clearly not your everyday mom needing to get the family to cheer practice. Or was it?

The office chair inside is inviting, and eggs you on to hammer some gears. Equipped with an aftermarket tachometer and the lovely Pistol grip shift lever, this wagon is ready to give you all the vitals you need. Like the rest of the car, the interior has been restored, but there is a small puncture hole in the driver seat area. Also the tacho isn’t currently working. But getting past those two small issues, the rest of the interior is fantastic with excellent fit and finish.

Simple yet aggressive, the white exterior of this wagon is shiny and looks nice, but sadly there are a few cosmetic issues. Even though this wagon was restored not all that long ago, there are some small bubbles developing on the body. This is a bit concerning, as I can’t imagine that this wagon was driven through all of the seasons since being refreshed. Or perhaps the car was restored longer ago than insinuated? Getting past the bubbling concern, this wagon is a suitable driver and would certainly show well enough at car events. I know at the least, it would likely be a thrill to drive and to show to people who have never seen a factory 440 383 4-speed Crestwood. Have any of you seen once of these factory build haulers before?

UPDATE: The previous owner who restored this car has chimed in and let us all know that this car actually left the factory with a 383. Still impressive, but it’s not quite as the seller presented it.

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