Is This Real?!? Street Race Interrupted By Truck HAULING A$$!

Is This Real?!? Street Race Interrupted By Truck HAULING A$$!

We already know that the russians are crazy drivers and some wicked sh**t is happening on their roads.

This time we present you a weird and unbelievable street race with a twisted finish. As far as we understand it happened somewhere in, you guess, on highway in Russia.

NMW M5 is racing a Tesla P90D on the street this should be a good race! They where going 150KPH (93MPH) when a truck flies by them like they were standing still. That truck was coming in hot and pulled on both the M5 and the Tesla. He kind of pulled a slingshot move on them, so they should run it back, but they would have to convince the truck driver that it wasn’t a clean race.

They probably won’t run it again we will have to wait and see what the truck driver says he might end up claiming the title of king of the roads…

Press play and tell us what do you think. Is this even possible, or it’ fake? Please be free to comment or share on social media networks.

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