Ride On LAWNMOWERS DRAG RACES Till The Very End!!! Sittin Here Just Laughing Myself Silly. THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!

What is better than a ride on lawnmowers? It is the drag race with the lawnmowers and it is so much fun and better than working in the yard too. This has to be invented by some guy who was tired of fixing the lawn in front of his house and he decided to have some fun with it. But as we know the fun is doubled when shared with a friend and that’s how the lawnmower races have started. Even though the ride on lawnmowers is not so comfortable it’s a good replacement for the expensive and so fast cars and Nissan GTRs sold out there.
That’s why more and more people are making their lawnmowers so fast and customizing them, so that they can take part in the lawnmowers drag races which are so exciting. This is a competition that the engine must be under 20 HP or you are out of the race. Sometimes there are racers that are modifying their engines of the lawnmowers and they are pushing them near the twenties, but a little bit over it nobody will notice too.
Wearing a helmet is a must on these races because all of the vehicles are short in the axles and the stability while racing is not at high level. Tumbling is commonly done on the lawnmower races and the drivers need to be protected from the potential dangers of the race.
Children are not allowed to race here in these lawnmower drag races. Only persons above sixteen can take part in the race. Don’t throw away the cutting blade of the machine, if you are not able to ride on lawnmowers and win a race with this thing than you can go back to the yard and work some more, practicing some corner taking for the next race.