XPEL Paint Protect Film is basically a forcefield for your car’s paint. This amazing film is designed to protect the surface from the main threats we encounter every day, such as rock chips and scratches from any number of causes, from debris on the road to spillage from dump trucks, among other things.

The film works almost like magic, with surface scratched disappearing with the application of a little heat, either from a heat gun, some hot water, or just parking the car in the sun for a little while. Jason from Engineering Explained had the opportunity to test the film on both of his cars, and decided to try a couple of quick tests to show us just how well the film does its job.

He starts out by drawing an EE logo on the hood of his Volvo SUV. After giving the logo time to dry while introducing the video, he takes the logo off with nothing more than an alcohol swab and his thumb. Anybody who’s ever drawn on a vehicle with a Sharpie knows it takes a lot more effort than that when the marker is directly applied to the paint.

Up next, Jason hesitantly scratches his ride with a wire brush, leaving dozens of tiny scratches behind. However, with nothing more than some hot air applied from a heat gun, the scratches literally vanish from the surface, returning the finish to its pristine condition.

The main drawback to this film is the application process, which is quite a job for, requiring several steps and at least two sets of hands to properly apply. However, once it is on, the stuff seems to be pretty amazing!

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