When you’re getting ready to strap up and go to the track, if you ask any experienced driver what it takes to make a fast pass, more than likely they’ll inform you that you not only need the power and traction necessary to boogie down the racetrack but you also need the proper safety equipment to go out there and battle in between those concrete walls. After all, if you do end up losing control and getting in a situation where a crash is imminent, you don’t want to be left hung out to dry. This is why the vast majority of tracks out there will throw you out if you don’t have the proper safety equipment to go as fast as your machine is rolling.
While there are exceptions to the rules, for most machines, if you’re going to go faster than an 11.50-second pass in the quarter mile, you need to have a roll cage in your car along with some other safety equipment. Don’t quote me on exactly what it is because there are many nuances to the rules. However, the faster and faster you go, the more safety equipment that you will need to throw into your car to make sure that it’s up to par just in case a worst-case scenario should happen to unfold. For this Ford Mustang driver, his car would come up a little bit short of the safety requirements but it was a lot of fun to watch him rage down the track, that was, until they decided to boot him for going beyond the rules.
If you follow along in the video below, you’ll get the complete rundown of this Roush Stage III Ford Mustang and all that it has to offer as it absolutely screams off of the starting line to a couple of impressive passes, one of which was pictured, before being given the boot. According to the owner, the car has seen a best in the 9.8-second range and you can expect to see it going even faster before long.

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