Today, the landscape of what you would consider to be a performance machine is changing quicker than ever. Sure, over the years, what is considered to be a fast car does change as, in the world drag racing, as soon as a decade ago, a 12 or 11-second car might’ve been the fastest car on the streets but today, we know that certainly isn’t the case as many come straight from the factory going faster than that. However, as the industry ages, cars are only getting faster but they’re getting incredibly different as well as our focus shifts to alternative methods of power. Believe it or not, electric power really has made its way into the performance sector in a big way, proving that it’s really something that can be competitive in pretty much any racing format.
With cars like that come from the likes of Tesla that are fully electric or machines like the Porsche 918 that soars down the track to low 10-second passes and also competes in a variety of other metrics with a hybrid set up, it really leads you to wonder if a traditional dedicated combustion engine is going to be around on the scene very much longer. While we, as gearheads, would like to think that it will be, reality might say otherwise as there has been a ton of success with these other platforms. Most recently, it even appears as if General Motors might be nudging their way into the mix with a performance machine that could potentially be a hybrid. Yep, things just got real!
It looks like some people have been doing a little bit of snooping around as a story on GM Authority has revealed the details of a couple of patents the General has filed for themselves which include a hybrid system featuring a high compression boosted engine that’s pushing air through a turbocharger and supercharger simultaneously alongside another patent for an all-wheel-drive setup. While GM hasn’t come out and said anything just yet as to where they plan to use this kind of technology, the gears are returning in the minds of enthusiasts everywhere as they predict that it might just be either the next generation of Corvette or potentially another mid-engined vehicle that would be built off of the Zora platform.

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