Silver Ferrari F12 TRS Being Unloaded Is a Spectacle Worth $4.2 Million

Silver Ferrari F12 TRS Being Unloaded Is a Spectacle Worth $4.2 Million

Ferrari has gone crazy. And it’s not like Joker crazy, more like Tony Stark builds 50 armors and blows them up kind of crazy. For example, they made a one-off F12 TRS in 2014, which was like a regular F12 but with a fancy rear end and cost $4.2 million. But this is probably the second one, and it has the engine sticking out of the hood, not to mention a front end that’s as complicated as Batman’s cowl.

Superhero references aside… well, we can’t actually set them aside, since this is the only Ferrari in recent years that looks like it jumped out of the pages of a comic book. If Chris Nolan got to make a fourth movie, this should have been in it.

So basically, the F12 TRS is a bit like fake news because everybody told you back in 2014 that there’s only one of them and it’s bright red… as TRS is short for Testa Rossa, you see. We can’t confirm that the car costs $4.2 million either. Maybe it’s worth as much as the economy of Uganda, or maybe there’s a Honda Civic body underneath. But this sucker sounds brutal.

When arriving at a track day event in Austria, the TRS caused quite a scene. Nobody even noticed the Renault in the background or that massive G-Class in the background.

“Fake news” also suggested the TRS is powered by a KERS device similar to the one in the LaFerrari. But it’s got the standard powertrain, which means 740 HP and 508 lb-ft (690 Nm). Do you really need more drive very slowly in your $4.2 million supercar? 0 to 100 km/h takes 3.1 seconds and you’ll be doing 200 km/h in 8.1 seconds. Still, the Bugatti Chiron offers twice the power for less money. But Batman wouldn’t be caught dead in something of which they’ll make 500 units.

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