Smooth And Sharp ’62 Impala SS Proves Why Early Impalas Are Badass!

Here’s a gorgeous build rocking a body and style that proves why classic Chevy cars are timeless rides every enthusiast would like to keep in their garage. It’s a 1962 Chevy Impala SS so smooth and sharp it’ll surely catch the eye of anyone even from afar. This Chevy is probably one of the nicest, if not the nicest, Impala you’ve seen in a while. It wears a beautiful black paint looking so deep that you can even see some reflection in it. It sports cool wheels and a perfect stance. The chrome molding jeweled all over it is so striking and it really pops against the shiny black body. If you aren’t a fan of black, then you’d sure consider an exemption if you’ll see this one. The interior has a classy and elegant ambiance with it in tan that’s kinda orangey. Cool, clean and nice seats, center console, door panels and dashboard. The inside is also beautified with chrome just like the exterior. And the trunk has the same color and material as the ones in the interior. To match the looks is a 409 Big Block Chevy under the hood.

See it for yourself too with the video below.