When you think of the characteristics that describe an effective racing machine, those characteristics are probably about the opposite of those that would be used to describe a vehicle like a Chevrolet C10 pickup truck. Essentially, to be good at racing, you want your machine to be light and agile, ready to rocket at a moment’s notice without any substantial mass behind it. Therefore, when you add power, it will be as effective as it possibly can be with nothing to hold the machine back. On the flipside, the C10 most certainly does not fall into the agile category in the slightest. In fact, I think that most would argue that it’s a pretty clunky machine.
Even though that might be fact, that isn’t to say that the C10 is void of all ability to go fast at all. As we have seen with plenty of machines across the performance landscape, stuffing a good amount of power under the hood can be enough to make pretty much anything go fast. The big square body Chevrolet is certainly not discluded from this idea that you can crank up the horsepower to also crank up the speed even in a big and heavy behemoth like this. With that everyone mind, that is exactly what we see in this showing from Holley Performance’s LS Fest out in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
This time, it’s turbocharged LS powered action that might just hit close to home for you as this beast of a pickup truck does it’s best to hustle down the drag strip and, in the process, uses that turbo to spool its way all the way to the mid-tens! For a truck that probably weighs in at more than the rest of the vehicles at the track that day, it certainly is doing its job out there on the strip, powering its way to a pass that most sports cars wouldn’t even be able to accomplish.

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