When you take a look at a lot of the promises that the Tesla company is coming out with, some of the concepts seem too good to be true. The company has really dug their claws deep into all kinds of different avenues when it comes to transportation, from ground transportation to potential space transportation and everything in between. Basically, when it comes down to it, it would really appear as if the company has a firm grasp on moving forward in just about every way that you possibly can, replacing what currently exists with new technology that gets you moving and doing so at an incredible rate.

Now, when you take a look at it on the surface, it all seems incredibly great, however, as we have learned, nobody and nothing is perfect, at least not yet. If Elon Musk had his way, I’m sure as the lineage for his companies would expand, maybe eventually to the point where perfection could be achieved, however, as of now, that’s just not in the picture yet. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, either, as we can’t say that anybody has achieved perfection just yet and it’s definitely something everybody’s chasing down in one way or another.
The latest thing that Musk and company have taken a crack at is the shipping market, aiming to take it by storm by releasing some of the most efficient trucks that the world has ever seen. It’s pretty crazy to think that the future of trucking could eventually save big time by switching to become fully electric! The Tesla semi truck isn’t widespread yet, but if you check out the video down below, you’ll be able to get a taste of what this thing is going to look and sound like rolling down the street. Be sure to check it out and give us your predictions of how this thing is going to fare long term.

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