TEXAS STREETS: 840hp Hellcat vs Nitrous CTS-V vs 900hp Whipple Mustang and more!!!

TEXAS STREETS: 840hp Hellcat vs Nitrous CTS-V vs 900hp Whipple Mustang and more!!!

Texas is known as the home of some of the baddest street cars in the nation, and they come out to play in large groups that head south to Mexico to go head to head on the highway to see who is the baddest man on the street, at least for that particular night. These cars are all solid performers with tons of horsepower, plus they look great and sound absolutely amazing.

Among the hotrods out for the evening, an 840 horsepower Hellcat Charger, a 900 horsepower Whipple-supercharged Mustang, a white CTS-V packing 850 horsepower and a badass white C7 that puts on a show when the race shuts down. The cars roll out and line up two-by-two rolling into the throttle at what appears to be about a 50 MPH roll and running up until a winner is obvious. The first race, between the Hellcat Charger and the white CTS-V doesn’t go well for the Dodge, with the Caddy jumping out to a solid 2 car lead and continuing to walk away.

Up next, another Caddy lines up with the Charger, but this CTS-V is only sporting a cam and full bolt ons, and the Hellcat has no problem evening the score against the GM contingent by jumping out to a huge lead and running clean out of the Caddy’s life.

Yet another Caddy decides to line up and take on the Hellcat, this one putting up a better fight than the second one, but still falling behind the Charger. The white C7 Z06 steps up to the plate next to take on the Charger and evens the score at 2-2 with a win, although this was certainly another close race. Be sure to watch the rear of the Z06 when they shut down at the end of the race!

Finally, the Whipple Mustang grabs a lane and goes two-for-two against the Charger, but man what a couple of great races! It’s amazingly cool to see cars of this caliber ripping the highway at speeds few people would dare approach. Hit that play button below and watch the action for yourself, and thanks to Street Car Video for capturing and sharing this footage!

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