Today we must present you this AWD Oldsmobile that is powered by a 6.6 liter F1-A Procharged LS2 that powers the AWD system and it has parts from an Olds Bravada and Trailblazer SS.

This extremely unique, home built ALL WHEEL DRIVE AWD Oldsmobile blew up the Internet in the past with it’s infamous Driveway burnout… we ran into him at the I-29 Dragway No-Prep Race to see it in action!
Another impressive street machine we found at the race sported a 392i power plant and an identical F1-A Procharger (built by LSx Performance in Lincoln) laying down a similar 800hp punch but in a much heavier (by 1,000lbs) body. We joked about them lining up after the race if they didn’t draw each other, but second round of the race it happened!!! From the stats, the Olds should have won, but the NASTY launch of the Jeep and top end pulled on him, and he later found a mechanical failure on the Olds, the race sure was a sight to see and we’re hoping to see them pair up again in the future.
Here you can see what these monsters have under the hood, and their race too. Enjoy the race!

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