For most folks, I’m not even sure if they can fathom going 200 mph. We would guess that the vast majority of common people, when they tell you about the fastest they’ve been, you’d fall right in the ballpark of 100 mph miles per hour somewhere. It can be easy to get desensitized to things like these but it’s important to remember that this is truly insanity!
However, when you take a look at the EKanoo Racing Lexus, the car would take one look at 200 mph and laugh as it blows right past it, not even needing more than a quarter mile of drag strip to get there as the machine reaches out and torches through the traps at 278 mph with relative ease, managing to get there in just 5.379 seconds.

The topic of discussion in this one revolves around none other than setting a little bit of a record to see exactly what it would take to become the fastest and quickest door slammer in history. The crew was really on point this time as they managed to smash both of those records with flying colors and it almost looks like this car a little bit more left in the tank to push the record even deeper.
With all that effort, it seems like just about everything and everyone was on the same page as the records would fall, however, at the end of the pass, you’ll see that a little bit of mayhem unfolded right in the laps of the team as they were forced to deal with a little bit of adversity when things didn’t go their way across the finish line. It had to be rather terrifying as the car reached speeds that were quickly closing in on 300 mph, only to have one of the parachutes fail which would be tied up into another situation that had one of the door skins being ripped off. In addition, the car pulled a wheelie all the way down the track, or so the team says. However, it still is good enough to put them in the record books and we’re sure excited to see what they have next.
If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to watch the insane pass as the driver, Kahlid, would be fortunate enough to stop short of the sand trap and bring the car back home to safety. A couple of repairs and a few tweaks later, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this thing out there and finding its way even deeper into the record books so stay tuned to see exactly where this door slammer record is going to go.

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