Sometimes, when you immerse yourself in a good movie and see something out of this world happen, for example, when a car launches itself over another car (AHEM Dukes of Hazzard), you just can’t help but kind of write it off to being Hollywood magic and something that you would never see happen in real life. However, in this situation, we check out the scene as Hollywood magic really does come to life, showing us a situation that almost pops off of the screen and might just make you do a double take. Sure, the shot might not be as clean as you would see in a Hollywood production and there certainly aren’t a variety of angles but it’s incredible content nonetheless.

Everything seems to be going normally at this gas station as it operated as it would’ve normal day. However, things would take a turn for the more interesting as one event would cause the entire schedule to be derailed at the station that day. In the video that looks like it was captured from surveillance footage, we watch as an SUV is filling up at the pump, when the next moment, it appears that the driver was ready to leave. However, when they hopped in the vehicle and turned it on, it would appear as if the throttle somehow stuck open, launching the car up an embankment and over cars that were sitting in traffic before coming down hard on the other side!
If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly what it is about this clip that has people freaking out and why this driver was probably a little bit shocked when they started up their car to roll away. After a little searching, we couldn’t find very much information in relation to if the driver is okay or not but hopefully, there were no major injuries as a result of this little mishap.

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