This TINY Chrysler Is Transformed Into A Proper Drag Racing Beast!

This TINY Chrysler Is Transformed Into A Proper Drag Racing Beast!

The blueprint for creating a perfect drag racer doesn’t exist, but most people are still sticking to the reliable formula. For example, you’ll oftentimes see Chevy-swapped Foxbody Mustangs running the show, or crazy imports with their world-famous rotary engines.

Still, it’s refreshing to see some of these new breed racers, especially when they also showcase amazing performances. Take this 1987 Chrysler Conquest for example. While the car itself is pretty tiny, is sports a massive swapped 6.0L turbo engine in the front! We aren’t quite sure how much power this does setup pushes to the wheels, but let me tell you something, it’s extremely impressive.

Unfortunately, not everything went according to plan on this day of racing, but once the car hooked up, it was able to achieve 5.93 @ 120 mph! The nerves probably got the better out of this young man in the beginning, but he did showcase some awesome potential. Cannot wait to see what he’ll be able to achieve in the future.

Until then, watch this magnificent ride in action by clicking on the video below!

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