It’s hard to beat the guttural, gnarly experience of a badass dyno pull. There’s something undeniably badass about unleashing all the power a car has, indoors, just feet away from bystanders, with turbos and superchargers screaming while pushing as much power as possible through the drivetrain and into the rollers of the dyno itself.

While most of the videos we see are from domestic testing, there are certainly dynos used daily around the world, including Down Under, where horsepower is as big a part of the culture as it is right here in the States. We love to see what our Aussie brethren are up to, and the fullBOOST channel is a great way to keep a finger on the Australian hotrodding pulse. These guys have some of the best dyno vids and have compiled their 5 favorite favorite dyno sessions from 2017 for us to check out.
These are some of the coolest cars, some of which we don’t get here in the US of A, so this is a great opportunity to see them in action. The first car up, in fact, is one of the more unique builds that we’ve seen, a boosted LS-swapped Holden VK Calais. While Holden is a GM company, the car has a decidedly Ford Taurus-y look, which puts it under the sleeper classification in my book. However, as soon as the boost builds, you can tell the car is not to be taken lightly, cranking out an impressive 604 kW, or just over 800 wheel horsepower.
You’ll have to watch the rest of the video to see what else rolls onto the dyno and lays down some wicked horsepower numbers, so just crank up the volume and sit back and enjoy the insane power these cars make on the dyno Down Under. Check back for more, we’re hoping this channel keeps some content coming since they include details of the builds as well as the video itself.

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