The host over at Engineering Explained has given us the rundown on how all sorts of different mechanical concepts work, digging inside and out of certain vehicle types or components, really taking time to dissect them, breaking them down to their core elements and delivering these elements to the audience in such a way that everyone can understand them. If for nothing else, at least it gives you a better understanding of what’s going on when you’re behind the wheel of your car. Sometimes, it might even be a basis for people to go off of in terms of modifying their car.

This time, he takes the opportunity to break down to us one of the most common things that gets talked about with a vehicle, in torque. Apparently, people have been thinking of torque in the wrong way all along as the phrase relates it to being “how far you push the wall” with horsepower being “how fast you plow into the wall.” However, as our friendly engineer in charge tells us, that’s not exactly how either of these phenomenon work. Instead, he begins to break down exactly why this phrase might’ve come into existence along with what parts of it don’t exactly make sense.
If you follow along down below, you’ll get the full scope of what exactly torque is in the real world and why this phrase maybe should be altered a little bit to reflect reality. After watching this one, we get the feeling that you’ll come out with at least somewhat of a new appreciation for exactly what is happening underneath of you as you car makes both horsepower and torque. In our book, it’s another great breakdown from the channel that just keeps on delivering the knowledge on a silver platter, so soak it in and get ready for the next one!

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