We’re gonna go ahead right off and apologize for the audio quality of this video. We can tell you, however, nothing short of some high-end equipment is going to be able to capture the sound of this absolutely insane engine without blowing out the sound, so as counterintuitive as it seems, I’m going to have to say don’t crank the volume on this video.

However, the main feature of this clip isn’t the sound anyway, so it’s not really that big a deal. What got our attention, and we’re pretty sure will get yours too, is the trick see-through panels on the side of two of these three superchargers. Oh yeah, and that fact that this engine actually HAS three superchargers! The transparent panels are installed where the blowers’ burst panels would normally be and provide a unique look at the spinning rotors inside. Since this engine will likely not ever be pushed to the ragged edge, the burst panels shouldn’t be needed, as they are just there to protect the blower from a pressure spike if something goes wrong.

Having this view inside the blower case as it spins gives the viewer an idea of just how fast the rotors are spinning in order to create positive atmospheric pressure and “supercharge” the engine.

We don’t know what size blowers these are, but they do have pretty good sized pulleys bolted to the snout, meaning they’re spinning relatively slow. As the pulley size shrinks, the rotor speed increases, but that also causes added heat and wear and tear on the blower itself, as well as more stress on the engine, which is being crammed with a ton of air.

This engine is likely going in some kind of over-the-top show car that will certainly get plenty of attention, even when sitting quietly on the show floor, but when the owner cranks it up, the fans will all take notice for sure!

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