It’s something that I don’t think a lot of people realize but when you put on the uniform to be a police officer every day, it’s certainly something that takes a toll on a person. If you just take a step back, even from this side of the badge, if you aren’t a police officer, it’s not too hard to realize that these men and women have to deal with quite the heavy circumstances on a regular basis. You have to remember that the only time that people call them is when there’s trouble and having to deal with that all the time could definitely be something that could get to just about anybody.

Therefore, every once in a while, officers have to take it upon themselves to lighten the mood and that’s exactly what we see here as trooper Thorson with the Washington State patrol gives us the secrets to never getting another turn signal ticket ever again. However, it’s a little bit more difficult than you might think. Instead of just flicking on your signal every time that you’re about to make a turn, there’s another step that can really help in your efforts and might help your wallet in the long run with all of those tickets.
If you check out the video below, you’ll see exactly how this trooper describes the situation to us, telling us that with a little bit of blinker fluid, how even you could find a way to beat the system, overcoming those tickets that you would get when you fail to signal otherwise. After you watch something like this, it really does make you wonder how many people are actually going to go out to the local auto parts store and try to find some of this stuff for themselves. For those people who just hop to action without taking the time to think about it or get this far down the article, we would love to see the reaction when they find out that none of this is real.

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