If you take a look around at all of the responsibilities that people are handing out money for, there are definitely a lot of jobs that have a lot of stress involved in them on happen with really high intensity. If you want to get involved in a lot of work that really cracks open the adrenaline, there are definitely ways to do it. However, I’m sure that there are very few that have the opportunity of cranking up the level of intensity to the responsibility of towing around a nuclear warhead through town. Having an active weapon like that has to be an incredible situation to be a part of.

This time, we get to take a look at what exactly such a situation looks like as someone was able to pull out their camera and film the entire thing while the warhead moved through town writing right in front of our eyes. According to this bystander’s account of the situation, the personnel involved included “6 personnel carriers with guns ready on the roofs, 2 US Marshals, several hummers before and after the trailer, and two helicopters following closely” and all of the vehicles here look to be rolling in motion at the same time, really coordinating to the full extent of their abilities to make sure that nothing fishy ended up happening here and it’s truly a unique situation to take a look at.
If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to share in some of what an intense moment like this is like as you might just be on edge watching this weapon of mass destruction moving through town. It takes a special kind of person to be tasked with a job like this and watching it all go down really helps you to appreciate them that much more. After seeing all of this happen, be sure to tell us if this is exactly what you expected that something like this would look like or if you thought it would be completely different.

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