The way a car sounds has been a huge sticking point with me most of my life. There are some standards that will always sound amazing: a Fox body Mustang with an H-Pipe and two-chamber Flowmaster mufflers, a big block Chevy with a huge cam and bullet mufflers to give the exhaust just a little tone, and a huge nitrous engine counting off each cylinder through collector headers, to name a few.

For the longest, despite being a fan of the platform itself for going fast without much effort, I was not at all a fan of the LS series when it comes to how they sound. I always felt they were a bit to raspy and high pitched without much tone, no matter what type of exhaust system was used. However, a few years ago I noticed that there was one thing that made them sound great: Turbos!
A turbocharged LS has a nice tone thanks to the exhaust being routed through the turbine itself, which acts like a muffler with the added bonus of cramming air into the intake. Having a nice lopey cam profile helps but even a totally stock bottom end LS sounds awesome with a snail bolted up, and it’s also a great platform for a badass build for pretty much any application.
The truck you see here just happens to have a boosted LS tucked between the fenders, and when it fires up, it sounds pretty amazing, equal parts gnarly and restraint thanks to the turbo giving the exhaust that nice muffled note while you can still hear the cam chopping nicely. With this pair of Precision turbos, this truck should make some great power while having a ton of low end and it will sound awesome to boot! It just don’t get no better!

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