You know what they say, when you build something and it has garnered enough haters, you’re doing something right. No matter what somebody decides to do, the second that you decide to be a little bit different or not different at all, someone is probably going to interject their stupid opinion into your business and tell you why what you’re doing is the worst thing in the world. No worries, all you need to do is just continue on and tell yourself that as long as what you’re doing is making you happy, you’re definitely doing it oh so right.

In this situation, we just so happen to see that somebody decided to build themselves a Ford Platinum that was jacked way up to the sky and set it atop some massive mud tires. You might remember the truck breaking the Internet a couple of months back in now, the owner is returning with yet another creation. You see, he decided that the first truck had gotten so many haters that, why not build another? This time, it’s not exactly the same because there would be no fun in that but, the second Platinum most certainly does a lot to resemble the first – queue the hater tears.

In this case, it’s a regular chassis instead of a dually but, even without the two extra wheels, this thing most certainly does still get down. In fact, this “his and hers” accommodation pretty much demands all of the attention wherever it goes. Check out the video down below as our buddies over at Triple-X do a stellar job of bringing us all the action from the mud, capturing not only these things in motion but also getting to know the owner who allows us to get the inside scoop on exactly what makes these trucks come together to allow them to amount to the special one-of-a-kind pieces that they have become.

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