Which Type of Muscle Car, Old or New?

Which Type of Muscle Car, Old or New?

This is a lesson for all of us interested in our hobby. What do you want, and which era is the better of the two?

I saw this picture and it brought up what I think is a great question. Which would you rather have? The old or the new? Well, we all dig the the styling I hope of both eras but which one tickles you?

I am a lucky guy in that I managed to work hard and get cars from both eras. But, I am asked all the time which one do I like better. I think it’s a great question and I am stumped. Clearly the newer ones have creature comforts and more bells and whistles. The older ones have pure power and history now. The older ones steer like ships and really are not all that comfortable as the newer ones.

However, they are way cool and my guess is the hobby guy or gal would rather have the older one in the garage.

It’s just my opinion now so don’t get angry.

The newer cars are better in almost every category except they are not held in a high regard- yet. They have not earned there wings yet so time will tell but it will take quite a while. I mean the 67 GTX or the 70 Road Runner were popular back in the day but today they are sought after like nobody ever thought. Will a 2009 Challenger with the Hemi be sought after in 40 Years? Likely I will be ashes to ashes at that point so that is why I pose the question now.

I would love to read your opinions on the matter. Please think it through carefully and not a knee jerk reaction please.

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