Ultra-Rare Barn Find!: 1968 Shelby GT500KR Convertible

1968 Shelby GT500KR Convertible Sees Light of Day, Parked Since 1978
Iconic muscle cars are still found in barns or storage containers from time to time, but a 1968 Shelby GT500 KR is a rare find indeed. Patrick Glenn Nichols posted a video on Facebook of the rare Shelby Mustang sitting in the storage container.
According to Patrick, this car was taken off the road in 1978 and was finally parked in the storage container back in 1987. Thirty years later the Shelby is getting plenty of attention while still secured inside of resting place. This particular machine is one of only 318 Shelby KR convertibles produced in 1968.
Patrick does his best to provide viewers with a tour of this piece of automotive history despite the limited space and poor lighting. During the walk-around he points out the unique features of the Shelby, such as the vented hood that provided the engine with additional fresh air.
It is possible to see that the original paint color, a dark-green metallic is still there despite years of dust and dirt that have accumulated. After he finishes with the specifics of the engine,Patrick moves on to the Shelby tag that reveals a wealth of information about this ’68 convertible. According to Patrick, this particular car was the 36th 1968 Shelby of 3,668 cars produced in that model year. Making it more special, the King of the Road or KR is considered to be a 1968 1/2 since it was released in April.
This 428 Cobra Jet powered Mustang features black interior with what Patrick refers to as a “factory racing roll bar.” He points out that the little clip attached to the top of the bar was designed to hold a surfboard.
Another rarity of this ride is the white convertible top, according to Patrick this is only one of 20 cars with the particular option. In the video he states that the two interior color options were Saddle or Black, so it makes sense that the white top might not be a commonly selected option. All of the Shelby Mustangs featured the the deluxe Mustang interior and in this case the ’68 was outfitted with the black option.
Although the fate of this car is undetermined at the moment, it is doubtful that this will be the last we hear about this iconic Mustang. According to Patrick, the current owner has decided to open up the storage container to let the media share this barn find beauty. Based on the rarity of the vehicle and the recent publicity, who knows what the next step will be. Hopefully, this Shelby will back to cruising the streets or highways of Tennessee once again.

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