VP Joe Bidden Races 1967 Corvette vs. Colin Powell in 2016 Corvette For Jay Leno

Who would’ve thought that the Secret Service’s Washington DC facility would turn into a racetrack? No, this isn’t some video game, it’s a preview for the upcoming season of Jay Leno’s Garage. After Jerry Seinfeld managed to convince the “security guys” to let President Obama hoon a 1963 Corvette around the White House, Jay has brings another octane victory, this time facilitating Joe Bidden’s first drive in his own 1967 Corvette since the VP took office. Unsurprisingly, being a Vice President means you’re catapulted into a future where all cars are autonomous – that would be the sweet version as, in reality, most other people can drive, but you can’t.

We’re talking about a ‘Vette animated by a 327 V8 that’s been recently rebuilt by the VP’s two sons, with the two-seater Chevy also packing a four-speed manual (yeah!). The contraption is still bloody fast by today’s standards, being able to cover the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 4.7 seconds. Oh, and then there’s top speed, with the VP admitting he once took the thing up to 160 mph. Oops.

As we mentioned in the title, former Secretary of State Colin Powell joined the party in a 2016 Corvette, with the two drivers going for a little drag race. As any proper adventure of this kind, the shenanigan kicked off with Joe Bidden pulling a burnout, much to Jay Leno’s delight (yep, Jay was riding shotgun for the entire length of the VP’s drive).

While the stunts mentioned above were filmed earlier this year, the Jay Leno’s Garage episode bringing us the whole enchilada is scheduled to land on November 9th on CNBC.

Until then, you can check out the smoking Twitter preview of the adventure below. Oh, and before we end this piece, there’s one more thing we need to mention: interestingly, we’ve never seen Jay so worried about brakes before…