Watch This Ford Super Duty Break The Guinness World Record


Watch this Ford Super Duty break the Guinness world record.

This isn’t a speed record or a drift record or anything like that.

This record break is a bit odd, or it may look odd to us, but to this guys, is just their job. It looks like this is a record, for the largest banner ever pulled by a vehicle, and as you have probably guessed by the giant American flag in the back of the truck, its an American vehicle that broke the record, the Ford F-450 Super Duty to be more exact. To attempt breaking this record, Ford came down to Homestead-Miami Speedway’s, which is 1.5 miles long track, and the truck took 4 laps to show everybody what the truck was capable of, and by breaking so the record for the biggest banner ever pulled by a moving vehicle. Check out the video below as it is pretty awesome.