From what we can see this woman is outraged that this car has a confederate flag on it… SHe is yelling at the owner not understanding that the car came like that from the tv show Dukes of hazzard! That does not mean that the owner agrees or disagrees with what the history of the flag is. Maybe he just wants an exact replica from his favorite tv show from when he was a kid! She is freaking out on him to get her point across, the poor guy as just trying to enjoy his day!

Does she not know what the Dukes of Hazard is? She definitley went off on the dude just for having a flag on his car… While some may see it as disrespectful or racist some people see it as being authentic or historically correct when it comes to movie cars and tv show cars. This lady just wanted to start a fight and get some attention it seems. Notice how she was going crazy at the owner of the car but when the news cameras were on her she was calm and collected? Interesting…
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