Is This the World’s Largest Dump Truck?

LIEBHERR it’s a German heavy equipment company specialized for production of the the biggest Dump Trucks in the world! Liebherr T 282B is actually their largest model and it is not only huge but is really weird! This is the largest dump truck in the world! The company decided to present this new largest dump truck after they`ve had huge success with the T 282 C (also amazing)! However, all the extra hours and overtimes have finally paid off as the largest dump truck takes its position! The new Leibherr T-284 has the highest payload in the whole industry and has the latest LITRONIC + AC Driving System However, this system can determine the optimal way of how to extract the power of the diesel engine! This is how it minimizes the consumption of fuel and brings the performance up!

This thing weights 203 tons and it can carry a weight up to 365 tons! That means this monster can weight up to 592 tons all together.

The support engine has amazing ratings! It brings them up to 4.023 horsepower which is around 3.000 kW! Also, costumers are now able to choose the engine that will allow the largest dump truck to meet the targets of productivity while the fuel consumption is low! These options give the newest fuel injection techs for clean combustion and minimized fuel consumption! Moreover, the tires on the T-284 are HUGE! People look like tiny mice next to them!
We were very much stunned after seeing this monster to be quite honest. The largest dump truck uses MTU 20V4000 C23 Tier 2 motor in it which gives it the best performance that is available! I don’t really thing that you are interested for its price, but this beast costs $3.5 M.