Yenko Camaro Could Be Reborn As A Continuation Car

Modified Yenko Camaros are highly regarded by enthusiasts as some of the most powerful versions of the American muscle car to come out of the 1960s. Classic examples are now extremely rare and expensive, as they haven’t been in production for several decades. Classic Yenko Camaro cars could be making a comeback this year, however. Right now, General Marketing Capital owns the rights to the Yenko name, and has applied it to some modern Camaro models. The Yenko is back baby!

According to a report by GMAuthority, General Marketing Captial is teaming up with Brand New Muscle Car to develop a limited run of special continuation cars to mark the 50th anniversary of the Yenko Camaro. Each model will be custom built and officially licensed, meaning we’ll get brand-new 1968 Yenko Camaro models built in 2018. They will even be added to the Official Yenko Worldwide Registry for authenticity. No specific powertrain details have been provided, but the continuation Yenko Camaros will likely feature a 450-horsepower L72 427 big-block V8 engine; the staple powertrain of the Yenko Camaro at the time.
Originally, General Motors limited the size of the engine the Camaro could have to 396 Customers were demanding more, so Don Yenko, a racer and owner of Yenko Chevrolet in Pennsylvania, was happy to oblige, fitting Camaros with larger V8 engines. Only 64 Yenko Camaros were built and sold in 1968, and only a few hundred were produced in total. It isn’t clear how many Yenko Camaro continuation cars BNMC intends to build, but production will likely be very limited. Demand will inevitably be high, so don’t expect them to be cheap either – we wouldn’t be surprised if they command six-figure price tags.

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