I’m not going to copy everything from this video, since you’re going to watch the video anyway (I assume), but with his recent retirement and the birth of his first child, there’s been a lot going on in stock car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr’s world, so this video is about 10 minutes or so of who Junior is and how he got to be where he is.
Junior, for those who don’t follow NASCAR, spent the better part of the last two plus decades as the most popular driver in American motorsports. While there were years where he was challenged as the fan favorite, but managed to win the award, which is voted on by the fans, an astonishing 14 years in a row from 2003-2016.

However, despite his tremendous popularity among the masses, Junior was never able to secure points championship, something his late father did a record 7 times on his way to becoming one of the most successful drivers of all time. However, don’t take that to mean Junior wasn’t capable of winning, he certainly won many times on the NASCAR tour, he was just never able to string together enough wins in a season to take home the title.
One thing that Junior was able to do well was parlaying his popularity into financial success. He was often chosen as the face of the brands that sponsored his cars, leading to lucrative endorsement deals that provided he and his family a sizable fortune. Thanks to his insane marketability, Junior has amassed a fortune worth an estimated $300 million. Along with a stack of cash, Junior has acquired an amazing collection of cars and quite a few nice homes, all of which are featured in the video below.
Go ahead and hit that play button and sit back and learn a little more about the man himself, with a full recap of his childhood and early years as well as his professional career.

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